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Our sports marketing services are provided by our sister company IML Sports Marketing

With over 6 years experience across a range of sports  IML has the expertise and rights-holder knowledge to assist companies source and structure a partnership that delivers the best value for money for brands whether they are familiar with the industry or not. We drive mutually beneficial partnerships between companies and sporting properties (Clubs, events and athletes) developing them to deliver great results as we go.

Compared to other elements of the marketing mix, sponsorship allows you to get closer to your target audience. Sponsorship should be far more than just adding your logo to a publication or hosting an exhibition stand at an event. IML works with companies to leverage the full potential of your sponsorship relationship by creating audience touch-points and making your brand integral to the assets it sponsor partners.

How To Find The Right Sponsor Partnership

You may already have some ideas of the kinds of opportunities you would like to get involved in. If that is the case then give us a call to chat them through and see how we can help develop them. However if that is not the case let us help you research and source the right opportunities for you.

The best way to see what IML can bring to your business and to get the most up to date ideas and information is to give us a call on the number below.

Once A Deal is Done - Post Sale Activation

The sponsorship business isn’t just about “doing the deal”—it’s about bringing sponsorship elements to life. How companies interact with their customers and potential customers may well become the ONLY real competitive difference they have left.

We understand that sponsorship can provide instant, positive brand and business benefits. It is great for raising awareness, out right exposure, re-positioning or changing perceptions of a brand, product or business. But, the way in which a sponsorship is managed and used by a business is equally as important as the initial investment made.

IML is experienced in creating unique tailored campaigns to support and enhance the sponsorship deal and your aims once the partnership is in place.

What next?

Contact Dean Faulkner on +44 (0)7841 974376 to find out more about how we can help your business or brand engage with your business's target audience. Alternatively send an email to for more information and details.


We were looking to raise the company's profile locally and to put something back into the local area and community as we did so. IML brokered a deal that has done and continues to do just that.

Scott Pawley, MD of Global Travel Management

Where Could Sponsorship Take you?